Your data revolution may not be my data revolution, but we are all seeking the same thing: better statistics, for better policies, for better lives.  Informing a Data Revolution seeks to bring statistics to the front of the debate on the post-2015 Development Framework and beyond, ensuring that data, information and knowledge drive action.


At the heart of our advocacy campaign is a Data Revolution Declaration that we will issue in early 2015, inviting governments and other stakeholders to endorse. The declaration will spell out the guiding principals and actions needed for a data revolution that benefits developing countries as they work towards the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals. 


What else can you do to help?


You can start by promoting what PARIS21 believes are the four keys to a data revolution…

  • Supporting decision makers to make informed decisions for better lives
  • Acting as a catalyst for the expansion of more relevant and more reliable data production
  • Building on past success by bringing in all relevant actors and increasing co-ordination
  • Finding new ways to support statistical capacity and data production.