IDR Metabase.xls ; IDR Metabase Codebook.xls


PARIS21 has compiled a Metabase, informational tool and data directory on the organisation, management and performance of national statistical systems. Users can generate a country profile that displays a set of metadata relating to statistical capacity across six dimensions:


  • Access: The public availability of data is the foundation of a better-informed society.
  • Innovations: Innovations offer solutions for today's problems and inform tomorrow's standards.
  • Timeliness: Timely data helps decision makers react quickly and stay informed.
  • Soundness: Sound methodology builds trust in data and ensures transparency.
  • Institutions: A healthy institutional environment is a catalyst for statistical development.
  • Use: Knowledge on the demand for data improves efficiency in data production.


The Metabase serves as both a baseline and a means of monitoring a country’s progress over time.