IDR national consultation workshop held in Bujumbura

The IDR team held a national consultation workshop in Bujumbura, which was hosted by l'Institut de Statistiques et d'Etudes Economiques du Burundi (ISTEEBU). Over 30 participants came from producers and users of statistics covering ISTEEBU, ministries, academia and the private sector.


The main conclusion of participants was that a more detailed analysis of human resources is required to see how these would meet requirements to implement DR. in short, better quality staff equals better quality data. More specific reccomendations included:

1.     Qualified staff need to be better trained, and also retained. For this a better work environment, in particular a new ISTEEBU HQ is needed.

2.     To increase the amount of quality data produced to meet requirements, more centralised and decentralised administrative data should be used.

3.     ICT innovations could improve data collection, processing and dissemination.

4.     It was proposed to evaluate the degree of implementation of the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) to improve the next NSDS.

5.     For the sustainability of statistical activities of statistics, new internal funding mechanisms are needed.

6.     Continuous surveys should be initiated to meet future user requirements.

7.     A coordination mechanism is needed between data producers and users including the private sector, the press and civil society.

8.     A study should be launched to address the lack of statistical literacy and statistical culture at all levels.

9.     Burundi should advocate at national, regional and international levels to gain support for the road map.

10.  A coalition of partners is needed to support the NSS in the implementation of the data revolution.





September 25, 2014