IDR holds national consultation in Kinshasa, DRC

The IDR workshop in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was held in Kinshasa from 29-30 September and hosted by the Institut National de la Statistique (INS). Over 60 participants came from producers and users of statistics covering INS, ministries, media, other national agencies, academia and the private sector.


Discussions focussed on:

·       The lack of qualified resources at INS

·       The inability of INS to attract or  retain skilled staff due to lack of financial incentives

·       The need for a new headquarters

·       The very poor state of the IT infrastructure

·       The complexity of managing the national statistical system in a country of DR Congo size, lack of infrastructure and lack of statistical culture

·       Need for education in statistical literacy at all levels of society - particularly at decision-maker level.

·       Making better use of existing data (“données dormantes”)





September 29, 2014