Have your say on the Road Map for a data revolution!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Road Map. We received numerous thoughful, constructive and useful comments and will do our best to incorporate your ideas to a Road Map for a country-led data revolution that is useful for developing countries.

In January 2015, we welcomed a public consultation for contributions to our draft Road Map for a data revolution. Over the past six months, we gathered information from developing countries through in-depth country analyses, cross-country studies, and public workshops.

We would like to thank everybody who contributed to the Road Map. Your comments will be most valuable to help us finalise this document. Our goal is to better understand the needs of developing countries to overcome their current challenges to improve the use and availability of data for their development. We understand that ‘for development priorities to be identified and for progress to be measured, national statistical systems must have the resources to deliver the data that users need’. Overall, an effective data revolution must be about providing the right data to the right people and the right time and in the right format. For more information please contact us


January 14, 2015